Roxanne's Basis of Treatment

One of the most fundamental theories Roxanne uses to understand and help you change behavior which is problematical is in the theory of Transactional Analysis. Transactional Analysis, TA, was formulated and introduced in 1958 by Psychiatrist, Eric Berne, MD <>.  Then over the past (almost 60 years) Transactional Analysis has been practiced and developed further by a cast of wonderful therapists of a variety of disciplines.  Though it was originally developed and practiced in the USA, it has truly become International in it’s breadth due to its effectiveness in helping with the treatment of those dealing with psychological distress,  in venues of study and education as well as in management in business settings.

Ms. Barksdale is A Certified Transactional Analyst having studied TA for a number of years with one of those well studied therapists of the TA tradition, Vann Joines, PhD of Southeast Institute for Family and Group Therapy.  She completed the testing in 1990 in order to qualify as an analyst in this treatment model.  She routinely uses this system of thinking in working through the cognitive aspects of change desired by her clients/patients.

Roxanne also uses methods from a model of  treatment called Gestalt Therapy which is is especially useful in assisting us with changing the way we experience and handle affect- emotion.

Therefore, Roxanne frequently uses a model of treatment that was developed through TA by Bob Goulding, MD and his wife, Mary Goulding, MSW called "Redecision Therapy".  Redecision Therapy is useful in helping clients recognize and resolve harmful or difficult circumstances which may have occurred traumatically or perhaps too early in life and are imparing one's experience of joy and pleasure at the present time.  With the addition of strategies from Gestalt Therapy one can "update" those decisions to engage and enjoy the present.

Again, this process is an integration of the Transactional Analysis and Gestalt Therapy models into a model of treatment called Redecision Therapy.