​​​​​​​About the Therapist

​Roxanne Barksdale, MSW, LCSW

​Roxanne brings over 35 years of experience in caring and effective solutions for the challenges of your life.



North Carolina Licensed Clinical Social Worker

MSWUniversity of North Carolina School of Social Work

B.S.: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

            Undergraduate major: Sociology;  minor: Psychology

Certifications: Clinical Transactional Analyst


Roxanne's Professional Pages

 Roxanne Barksdale earned a Masters degree in Social Work (MSW) and is licensed in the state of North Carolina to provide clinical treatment as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).  She is an active member of the National Association of Social Workers  as well as the Academy of Certified Social Workers.  She is qualified  in North Carolina to supervise social workers seeking to earn their own Clinical Social Work Certification status.

Ms. Barksdale also studied for eight years postgraduate training with Vann Joines, PhD of Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy in a model of therapy called Transactional Analysis especially a type of TA called "Redecision Therapy". She passed rigorous testing and holds the credential of Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA).  She also studied a TA model of couple therapy with Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson called The Developmental Model and uses that regularly in couple therapy. She especially values, uses and teaches family life skills from the concepts of TA Therapist Pamela Levin particularly as produced by TA therapist Jean Illsley Clarke in "Self Esteem; A Family Affair". She is a member of the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA) and the United States Transactional Analysis Association (USATAA) as well as uses the TA model of human behavior and clinical treatment routinely with individuals, couples and families.

There are other models of therapeutic intervention which Roxanne often finds helpful to use and teach couples and families specifically from the Relational Life Therapy- couple therapy model of Terry Real, MSW  and the parenting concepts & strategies of Barbara Coloroso ("Kids Are Worth It") as well as those of Foster Cline & Eric (& Jim) Faye (of the "Parenting With Love and Logic" series). She has also studied and finds Advanced Integrative Therapy (a model of energy treatment to relieve trauma) as well as occasional implementation of the protocals and skills of Dialectical Behavior Therapy to be useful.

Roxanne Barksdale, MSW, LCSW

Hillsborough Institute for Change

960 Corporate Drive, Ste. 201

Hillsborough,  NC  27278-8560

919-732-8722 (Phone)

919-732-2149 (Fax)

Roxanne has taught Workshops  in the topic areas of:

"Learning How to Communicate With Your Partner";

"Preparing For Marriage";

"Building Esteem In the Family"; "Parenting Teens";

"Inspiring Children to Develop Inner Discipline";

"Helping Children Learn to Resolve Conflict";

"Healing Yourself With Forgiveness"

And led Therapy Groups for recovery and support in a sense of community

 "A Culture of Relationship Group" (ongoing relationship maintenance for couples);

"The Couples' Therapy Retreat";

"The Ongoing Therapy Group for Individuals"

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