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Help For Your Relationship

Couples Therapy

  • Gaining respectful, caring communication and peaceful resolution of conflict.
  • Leaning to listen and hear.
  • Restoring confidence and trust in relationships violated by infidelity.
  • Promoting equality and sharing of responsibility and power in relationships.
  • Creating or maintaining cooperative parenting within marriage or in divorce.
  • ​Stresses like moving, children leaving home, career change or care of aging parents.

​Roxanne's work with couples often addresses:

In the early days, weeks and months with a new partner we may experience a wonderful sense of attraction and attachment.  It may be blissfully pleasurable and comfortable.

Usually within a bit of time we begin to experience the wear & tear of differences- because we are all different.  We may be surprised to find we  have conflict with this dear partner.  We may also awaken painful memories from our past which can trigger fear, resentment, pain or guilt and these events can escalate conflict in our close relationship now.  It is in that weathering of our differences that we establish trust and confidence in our beloved. Such conflict with our beloved ones is normal and successful relationships are actually about how to navigate these "storms" together. 

Also throughout long and precious relationships we can experience traumatic events or indulge poor habits in which our Intimacy and trust with a partner may dwindle to distance and loneliness. It is in such a building and renovation of relationship that we experience a closeness called intimacy.  It is times of distance like these when it is worth considering Couple Therapy for clarifying our problems and transforming that distance into the assurance of intimacy.

Using Roxanne's strategies, arguments and passive behavior give way to problem solving and meaningful communication.  People experience new understanding of themselves and their partners creating the intimacy and closeness  they have been missing.

Occasionally partners decide they prefer to end their relationship and in such circumstances they find Roxanne to be helpful in supporting them as they pursue separation or divorce.

​​​​"We found we could trust Roxanne to be fair with both of us despite our frustration with each other."- ​ K&R C