Roxanne Barksdale, MSW, LCSW

Hillsborough Institute for Change

960 Corporate Drive, Ste. 201

Hillsborough,  NC  27278-8560

919-732-8722 (Phone)

919-732-2149 (Fax)

  • Children resisting parent's limits
  • Children behaving aggressively with peers, siblings or adults.
  • Children behaving dependently.
  • Family Grief and Loss due to death or divorce.
  • Steadying and empowering relationships in remarriage

 Roxanne assists families with issues of:

Family Therapy

​​"We had given up with no idea of how to get a handle on our children's bickering.  Roxanne was warm and caring with each & all of us. She helped us have peace in our own home."  - ​M&MW

Help For Your Family

As our children grow we respond easily to some stages of their development and with difficulty to others.  Yet our goal as Parents is to help our children grow into caring and responsible adults.

Family Therapy is a good setting for parents to engage the support of an expert to assist them with balance in structuring and nurturing their precious family.  Parents express appreciating Roxanne's instruction, empathy and structure with their family.  She will occasionally see the child/children separately to identify their experience of problems in the family as well as empower them to share with their parents in the healing of the those problems. 

In circumstances of divorce parents have noted "Roxanne has offered us skills, discipline, reinforcement & nurturing  as we co-parent our children even in our separate households."